Accepted Paper:

Understanding learning disability: A study of maternal empowerment,Gaziabad.India.  


Richa Chowdhary (University of Delhi)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will focus on those dimensions of women's life which are related to a learning disability of their children. How to cope up to lead to extend empowerment within themselves towards the need. An understanding of this problem is a must, so that they can live their life as normal as others.

Paper long abstract:

A study was conducted on urban mothers of Gaziabad City to assess their level of awareness regarding cause, treatment, and remediation of learning disability. The result revealed majority of women/ mothers had very little knowledge about this kind of disability.

Today it has become one of the most challenging fields in special education. It has become imperative to empower mothers regarding this hidden disability as mother being main, primary caretaker of the child, so. if they become empowered by skills and special characteristics of this illness then at least they can identify warning signs for early detections of the problem.

But unfortunately their unawareness of the right methodology in the treatment of such children keeps them away from providing possible assistance. Primary detection also leads to development of effective early intervention strategies that in turn improve the child's chances of future education successes, with less requirement of special training education services in coming life (years) of child and also give boost in his/her self esteem too.

So in results we can easily make out the importance of early diagnosis to take preventions and knowledge about this kind of disability in children for their better future prospects. And we have to recognize this area as prioritized area of prevention and treatment for any child and mother who is suffering from this situation and also there is a need to take up this challenge and EMPOWER care taker mothers on different aspect of disability.

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Women's empowerment, development and quality of life