Accepted Paper:

Indigenous poeople of Jharkhand and impact of globalization on their culture  


Vijay Prakash Sharma (National Institute of Rural Development)

Paper short abstract:

Indigenous people are the worst sufferers of industial revolution. They have been pushed to the wall and are struggling for their existence and identity. Globalization brought other sets of problems for their cultural survival.

Paper long abstract:

But as matter stands today globalization is creating new threats to Indigenous cultures, security in both rich and poor country alike.. Poor people and poor countries risk being push to the margin in this proprietary regime controlling the world's knowledge. The underdeveloped poorest regions and the oppressed classes and nationalities tend to suffer most and experience absolute economic decline and deterioration in their economic levels and further unequal exchange of their produces. The laid off unskilled workers are forced into the service sector where wages and benefits are low, but turnover is high. This has contributed to the widening economic gap between skilled and unskilled workers.The Indigenous people of India are a case in point to illustrate the consequences of globalisation.

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Indigenous people and culture in India