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Family Migration of Tribal and Trafficking of Their Female Member into Illegal Profession


Vijay Prakash Sharma (National Institute of Rural Development)

Paper short abstract:

The tribes of Jharkhand (India) have a long history of migrating out of the areas. Earlier the tribal outmigration - largely in response to pull forces of economic opportunities in tea gardens and factories - was in a large part of adult and young peoples' movement.

Paper long abstract:

After Independence of India, this notion of suitability of Jharkhand tribes for tea garden climate further enhanced their demand to newly industrialized areas outside Jharkhand as unskilled laborer. A growing number of tribal women and young girls from Jharkhand are being trafficked, lured by promises of employment and marriage to Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West Bengal and Mharashtra. Reports on the alarming rise in trafficking of minors and children for commercial sexual exploitation not only in India but also at an international level, is a matter of great concern. There have been many news papers reports and anecdotal events of the occurrence of female trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation from the districts of the state Jharkhand. Most of them are tribal, enslaved beyond the tribal zone of this state. It is evident that although the Jharkhand babies are enticed out of their homes on the pretext of lucrative jobs, they are virtually ensnared in the flesh trade supported by touts, equally attached to the two extremes of the rural Jharkhand and metropolitan cities of Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. In fact it is a clandestine top grade that is centered round Jhankhand and it is taking advantage of its tribal natives, known for simplicity, gullibility, sincerity and affectionate nature and at the same victims of extreme poverty at local level in their hours. The main objectives of the paper are to discuss cases of tribal female trafficking and perception of people regarding the same and to develop international understanding.

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Human trafficking and female migration: the problem of an evolving humanity and emerging world