Accepted Paper:

Patient views as the victim of malpractise of cosmopolitan modern medicine  


Rusmin Tumanggor (Faculty of Pedagogy The Atae of Islamic University Sarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Indonesia)

Paper short abstract:

The policy of National Health System in Indonesia, protected and supported people’s basic right for their medication and ideal health. In fact, there are medication experience of patients improperly, in the late time and died. Ironically, the law and its apparatus not on its right function.

Paper long abstract:

This paper description concerning the elemental data as patients view, based on the informants experience as ex-patients, and family member of the ex-patients, related to the situation when patients have been handled by a hospital and a certain physician. Data's collection related to research result by depth and opened interview supported by library study and content analysis toward related writings, about the medication experiences of informants with improper and proper way, malpractise, affected a physical disability, even a death; and an experience of a defeat in malpractise court, also particularly about general data specially certain legal transgression in the context of health and medicine

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The role of cosmopolitan modern medicine and its social and cultural challenges