Accepted Paper:

Health Insurance For Poor Challenge and Dilemma  


Syaifudin Zakir (Sriwijaya University)

Paper short abstract:

Providing health facility for everyone is one of the government obligation to support the one basic human right, in fact when this obligation went to the poor community some challenges and dilemmas will intricate in respond.

Paper long abstract:

Insuring the poor health by the government in Indonesia has started nation wide since 2004 through the constitution amendment and national health act. The program itself brought a good horizon to help the poor to access all the health services which seem very difficult to them to afford. In the implementation this program become vary in responds. In South Sumatera Province, the local government claim as the "pioneer" as the free services provider for the health for the poor, also bring the intricate challenge and dilemmas to cover all the premises as their published to the poor. The responds from the poor and the services provider become a rich sources to discuss including the satisfaction of the recipient of the health insurance still far from their expectation.

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The role of cosmopolitan modern medicine and its social and cultural challenges