Accepted Paper:

Gender discrimination at work place  


Ranjana Ray (Calcutta University)

Paper short abstract:

The paper is on working women and how they are discriminated at their place of work, amounting to harassment. Data is collected from working women in all sectors of work type and economy.

Paper long abstract:

There is a traditional view point for women as home maker. Working women appear to be new phenomena in the recent centuries, although women had always been working outside their homes in various capacities. Women had been the basic nutrition provider to her family. Among the hunting gathering communities basic sustenance was procured by collection and gathering, where women's role was quite important as is shown in various investigations. Among rural communities women had not only contributed much in the food production arena in various ways, but also been involved in a number of crafts. With mechanization of industries, globalization and change in the economic sector, employment opportunity for women has widened. Gender difference is a biological reality. Tradition has fixed attitude for gender discrimination both for men and women. The paper is based on a study among the working women of the Metropolitan city of Kolkata. The study has shown how women are discriminated at their place of work, leading to harassment. Samples are taken from women working both in organized and unorganized sectors. Data is collected from all kinds of working group starting from domestic help to women working in public and corporate sectors. The finding is quite interesting. It shows how the space for women at their working place is stressed and even violated not only by the other gender but by the same gender as well.

Panel G01
The gendering of public space in the globalized world (IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Women)