Accepted paper:

Contingency of Identities: A Paradox of Dalit Identity and Struggle for Social Justice


Rahul Kumar Maurya (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Paper short abstract:

This paper aims at providing a critical evaluation of the paradox of Dalit Identity and the struggle for social justice. Paper will also attempt to understand what is the ontological basis for such Identity and how to address injustice through.

Paper long abstract:

The obvious accepted fact is that society is a dynamic phenomena. So there are no fixed identities, one may have multiple and fluid identities. But in the case of identities manifested in the political realm has to be understood differently. This paper aims to focus on the trajectory of Dalit Identity and its ramifications. Dalit Identity has emerged as a recent social phenomena in contemporary political discourse. Politics of Dalit Identity, with the outfit of social justice, has mobilized the socially marginalized and outcast people to carve out the political space in order to reclaim their due rights and gains. Here lies the paradox of Dalit Identity and Social Justice. It is obvious fact that one has to claim one's due gains on the basis of certain identity but if identity gets immortalized, it throws away the weight it has gained in political discourse. I would like to argue that certain social identities are necessary to claim their due in unequal and hierarchical society but it also becomes the logical impediment as to revert it to its originary point. This paper will focus on the debates in detail and try to look forward a way ahead.

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Caste, community and class identities of Dalits in a global context