Accepted paper:

Co-operation and Partnerships in Urban Drainage and Sanitation Provision: Experiences in Cape Town's informal settlements


Andrew 'Mugsy' Spiegel (University of Cape Town)

Paper short abstract:

Challenges arising during collaborations between researchers from diverse disciplines, local government officials and informal settlement residents.

Paper long abstract:

The Water Research Commission of South Africa has, for some years now, supported cooperative research studies involving partnerships between engineering, environmental studies and social anthropology researchers. They have, in turn, attempted at times to bring both local government officials and residents of informal settlements, and sometimes NGOs into the process. The paper documents some of those experiences in order to comment on the challenges that have arisen. Its goals are to reflect on the dynamics of those relationships and to indicate how such partnerships might best be structured.

panel G15
Re-thinking collaboration: between research and socio-political interventions