Accepted paper:

Infamous footballers: constructing careers and choices on displacements


Luciano Jahnecka (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

Paper short abstract:

The purpose of this paper is to analyses some recent mobilities of brazilian football players. Such discussion is based on how these professionals chose clubs and cities to live and work, mainly taking the concepts of lifestyle and life project to produce a narrative of infamous players trajectories.

Paper long abstract:

The intentions and objectives in constitute a football career are not unanimous, some players alternate periods of unemployment and "good" contracts, others can chose club and city to live in a range of possibilities. Difficultly professional footballers can play and live at their hometown, on the opposite way of most part of other workers. This is important to understand how professionals footballers have to handle constant displacements, changing necessities, preferences and habits of life. Although the support of food and family nearby are significantly organized to a few part of them (two important elements according to football researches in anthropology), the majority of such professionals are forced to rearrange the life project by the conditions faced at field of work. In addition to traditional aspects which defines contract possibilities, as injuries, player agents, performances, nationality, age, etc., we sustain that such displacements on footballer's careers are promoted within some contacts and destinies previously known but not experienced, which implies in different ways to live in the cities.

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The anthropology of sport in a changing world