Accepted Paper:

Adobe as an Islamic standard - vernacular cosmopolitics  


Rolando Melo da Rosa (Instituição João Tomás Nunes)

Paper short abstract:

Being an attempt to religiously relate non-monumental, adobe vernacular structures in Islamic terms, this paper aims to engage earthen architecture with Quranic and Prophetic precepts taken as actants.

Paper long abstract:

Which human & non-human collectives align in the process of building an adobe structure in an Islamic framework?

Dwelling from clay collecting to unbaked brick-making and building procedures, this paper proposes to test earthen architecture determined networks and technologies within Islamic patterns, remounting the adobe-labin(ah) connection vis-à-vis the human telluric creative standard that both Al-Qur'an and the Sunna refers. Opening the black box of earthen vernacular structures with an actor-network theory propelled approach, one will try to religiously account some building affairs ranging from the referential masjid an-Nabi to present-day 'unorthodox' ethnographic contexts in Muslim geopolitics - namely Al-Gharb Al-Andalus -, so as to compare material culture and moral typologies.

Panel BH23
Non-human and human beings and their entanglements within Muslim milieux