Accepted paper:

The triple burdened


Karuna Kamble (AMS Arts & Science College for Women, Hyderabad)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will present the pathetic condition of the lower caste women of india. The upper caste women are suppressed by only their men in the society but the women of the lower caste women are suppressed by the men of upper caste, the women of upper caste and the men of their own community.

Paper long abstract:

Caste system has divided India. Discriminations are there in other places like racial discrimination or rich and poor but this discimination is totally different from them here human beings are not treated as human beings even animals are shown affection but not the people of the low caste.This discrimination is so skin deep that even today its impact can be seen especially the women of the low caste. If a women of high caste is raped or humiliated this becomes a news and debates take place but daily every one hour a women from the low caste is raped but no one talks about it. She is punished if a upper caste boy loves her there are many such sufferings of the indian low caste women which i want to project in this conference were the august gathering can ponder over this issue and know about the pathetic condition of this women.

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Caste, community and class identities of Dalits in a global context