Accepted paper:

The indigenous culture of Jharkhand between the political parties and government policies


Mohan Gautam (European University of West & East)

Paper short abstract:

In 2000 the state of Jharkhand was born with an idea to restore the indigenous culture of the people. More than a decade is passed but no proper plans are are employed by the government to restore the cultural heritage of the indigenous people. Since than an ongoing process of political parties interests have become a daily phenomena. The issue of preservation the heritage is forgotton.

Paper long abstract:

The indigenous cultural heritage once lost can never be restored. Unfortunately, the struggle of the Jharkhandis which gave a birth to the state of Jharkhand is completely ignored by the politicians. Only the governments are changed but the human factor is never considered. In India the rapid modernization has become a slogan in thinking of the leaders. The idea of creating the state of Jharkhand was to create a model state where the cultural heritage of the Jharkhandis and the richness of the indegineous people would be protected, preserved, maintained and modernised in the traditional way. This model could have been used for other tribal regions of India. What has happened to the political decision makers? Why anthroplogists are not asked for their scientific advices?

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Indigenous culture at the cross roads in the Indian subcontinent