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Rameshwar Mahto (St Paul's College Ranchi)

Paper short abstract:

Ethnic tribes of Jharkhand are very expertise in consuming many wild plants of very high neutraceutical properties since past hundreds of years, which were not known by the common people of urban society. Such plants protect them from many diseases. Such plants needs protection, cultivation & popularization.

Paper long abstract:

All the thiry two ethnic tribe communities of Jharkhand are very expertise in consuming many wild plants of very high neutraceutical properties since long and such plants are still not known among the urban populace. Such plants are cheap, easily available and have high nutritional and medicinal value. Some of them are Moringa oleifera- rich in minerals & vitamins with high medicinal value, being good for blood pressure, sugar, blood purifier & heart problems;Centella asiatica- high nutrition and medicinal plant , used for various gastro-intestinal problems, spermatorrhoea, jaundice and mental disorders;Marsilea quadrifolia cures unsleepness and good for gastric and digestive disorders;Boerhaavia diffusa- for enriching haemoglobin level and heart problems; Phyllanthus amarus- controls loose motion, jaundice and lactation,Aegle marmelos- in sun stroke and gastric problems;Andrographis paniculata- in blood pressure and blood purifier;Twigs of Azadirachta indica, Pongamia pinnata, Psidium guavaja, Acacia nilotica are used as tooth brush and protects gums. These and many more such plants are consumed by ethnic tribes and are naturally being protected by many ailments/diseases/disorders,which the urban people donot get. This is due to unpopularity and fear pchycosis of the urban people. Therefore there is an urgent need for the protection, cultivation and popularization of such wild plants so that it should become common for the urban populace also. It will , thus become a source of income for the rural ethnic people by collection and cultivation and subsequently selling in the urban ares.

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Plants utility by ethnic communities of eastern India for nutritional and health security, past-present and future