Accepted paper:

Transitive representation


Massimo Canevacci (University of Sao Paulo)

Paper short abstract:

My paper will address the confrontation between contemporary anthropology and more traditional methods by examining polyphonic tension, syncretic dialogue and the communicational conflict between hetero- and self-representation

Paper long abstract:

My research will focus the question of 'Who represents who?', in all its implications of power. Together with Kleber Meritororeu, we take up Marx's criticism of the division of labor - based on the structural centrality of social stratification and productive processes - is inadequate. The current post-industrial period and its acceleration of digital culture has further 'divided' subjects belonging to different cultures and experiences. For example, a division exists between those who communicate and those who are 'communicated' and between those who historically have the power of narration and those who are in the lonely state of being narrated objects. Even the classic vocation of anthropology to 'grasp the native point of view' has been rendered inadequate, since its legitimacy partially relies on the same individualized, differentiated native to communicate a personal point of view.

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Visual encounters: audiovisual approaches to anthropological knowledge