Accepted paper:

Forest Degradation and Indigenous People: Emerging Problems


Synchita Roy (Rabindra Bharati University)

Paper short abstract:

Environment are degrading day-by-day due to the replacement of forest by agricultural field, fruit orchards, industry and specifically the people's indiscriminate habitat zone. Commercial Afforestation is also affecting the local people by destroying their cultural heritage.

Paper long abstract:

Forest degradation is categorically caused by indiscriminate agricultural practices, commercialisation, peoples unplanned habitation which emphatically enhancing the chance of desertification, top soil loss, flood and land slide. Moreover, commercial afforestation like JFM, agroforestry and social forestry is significantly decreasing the varieties of natural trees found in the forest. Along with the forest degradation the indigenous people are also affected by the above stated phenomena because there is an inextricable link between indigenous culture, ethnic diversity and biological diversity. Many of the indigenous societies are highly primitive and still live in pseudo phase of Stone Age culture virtually cut-off from the modern civilization. The so-called modern trend of 'development' is ruining traditional economic and social system of the indigenous population. Destruction of shrubs, herbs, medicinal plants are also affecting their nutrition and health also. The present article will decipher the above situation among some of the forest dwelling Indian Tribes.

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Forest degradation and human health: opportunities and challenges of traditional wisdom and knowledge (IUAES Commission on Human Rights)