Accepted Paper:

Healing Tsibi among the Ayta of Mt. Pinatubo - Metaphorical, Real, and Modern Medicine Implications   


Cynthia Neri Zayas (University of the Philippines)

Paper short abstract:

Tamaan ka sana ng kidlat is a curse. To the Ayta it included as a dreaded affliction if one breaks taboo,related prohibitions in vast plant/animal life knowledge. The paper about Ayta intimacy with the environment to tsibi use and will analyze their culture in the context of modern medicine.

Paper long abstract:

Tsibi or tsimbi is a generic term meaning lightning attack caused by breaking a taboo. To this curse, several prohibitions are called for. For example, carrying squash and sweet potato in one basket is taboo because both manifest the "reddish" color. Red attracts lightning is the guiding principle of this belief. Laughing when seeing the act of sexual intercourse of either humans or animals, telling jokes when cooking food obtained from the wild, or simply ridiculing or "disrespecting" natural behavior or the wild likewise provoke tsibi. A person lugging meat of wild deer and another carrying shrimp should never go together, earth and water never go together as a rule. A direct hit, tinalo ning kilat, will cause death while an indirect hit can be healed with the help of a medium and medicinal plants. Having charms such as gogot kilat (thunder teeth) can protect a possessor. Data will be analyzed in 2 ways -from Ayta culture and cosmopolitan modern medicine.

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The role of cosmopolitan modern medicine and its social and cultural challenges