Accepted paper:

Where does violence fit in ANT?


Ananthakrishnan Aiyer (University of Michigan - Flint)

Paper short abstract:

ANT and marxism - continuing the debate

Paper long abstract:

While ANT (actor network theory) should be credited for bringing back, especially Marxist, older anthropological concerns, by its focus on relationality and human-nature interactions, the field has failed miserably when it comes ot politics. This is both, at epistemological and analytical levels, and it becomes especially clear while trying to analyze insurgent politics. This paper takes a close look at ANT as it might be applied to a concrete situation, the Maoist insurgency in India. The paper aims to interrogate the politics of ANT and where it may or may not be useful to Marxist analysis.

panel PE29
Dialectical Anthropology Panel A: producing political positions and political futures