Accepted paper:

Ethno-veterinary medicinal plants in Jharkhand (India)


Ratnesh Kumar (National Institute Of Foundry And Forge Technology, Hatia,ranchi)

Paper short abstract:

The old age traditional phytotherapy of the animals, once happened to be very cheap and popular in Jharkhand is presently fighting for it’s survival due to introduction of modern veterinary medicines & deforestation in the name of developmental projects. It needs immediate steps for its protection & continuity

Paper long abstract:

The aboriginal people of Jharkhand, particularly the schedule tribes that comprises of 27% of the total population, still depends on phytotherapy,( i.e. treatment of various diseases of animals by medicines derived from indigenous plants), for the treatment of various ailments of their animals like ox, cow,buffalo,goats, sheep, cock, hen, duck, dogs, pigs etc. The present paper illustrates the documentation of 22 plant species belonging to 18 families and applied for the treatment of 17 different diseases of various animals. The ethnic tribes of the state are well acquainted with these plants and are expertise to utilize them as drugs for veterinary purposes. The medicinal properties, method of drug preparation, dose and duration of drug application and other relevant information have been documented through direct dialogue with the local horopaths (tribal herbal medicine practitioners), and other knowledgeable persons of the area. The study reveals that leaf paste is the most common drug preparation and gastro intestinal disorders as the most common diseases followed with skin diseases. This old age traditional method of treatment of various animal disorders is loosing its ground firstly with the inception of modern veterinary drugs and secondly due to depletion in forest area by indiscriminate cutting of trees for factories, ,new townships, erection of dams , open cast mining and finally many families engaged in this profession are facing starvation and other problems. Some steps for the protection and popularization of the old traditional phytotherapeutical methods of veterinary treatment in Jharkhand. is urgently needed. 248

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Plants utility by ethnic communities of eastern India for nutritional and health security, past-present and future