Accepted paper:

Translation as transformation: journey of ideas from one domain to another


Bhanumathy Govindaswamy (EFL University)

Paper short abstract:

Documenting the tribal communities is risk molding job as well as pleasure to know the tradition and culture is knowledge gaining. My research work brings into light various movements of Banjara Tribe of Andhra Pradesh in India

Paper long abstract:

Translating critical and cultural texts from one form to another is an exercise in language and meaning; however, one relies on his/her experiences in transmitting the content of a verbal text into a visual mode with sound, music and video taking precedence over the written word in unraveling the nuances of the image. My long association with production of educational films has been particularly rewarding because it gave me the opportunity to work in surprisingly interesting ways especially after having made a documentary based on a text in Hindi. I embarked on a project of translating the source-text which is Hindi into my mother tongue Tamil thus making the content accessible to readers of a different language-domain. The translated text "Banjara Lok Sahitya" rendered by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Emeritus Prof. captures the life and essence of the Banjaras, an exuberant tribal community and thoroughly focuses on their rich folk literature. With the author's constant presence it was convenient to shoot the documentary, thus understanding the nuances while at the same time examining the differences between theory and practice.The paper attempts to deal with this tryst, the subsequent variation, the loss and gain, and the final output of a painstaking, yet thrilling venture of a processed experience, thus exploring the brighter and greater avenues of translation as they exist, develop and are distributed in mainstream discourse.

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Establishing academic standards of evaluation for non-literary forms of representation in anthropology