Accepted paper:

Educated Youth and Emerging Health Problems : A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla


Sujit Surroch (Government Post Graduate College Palampur, H.P., India)
Shaizy Ahmed (H.p.University, Summerhill, Shimla)
O P Monga (Shoolini University of Biotechnology & Management Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

This paper focuses on emerging health problems in educated youth and their perception of it.

Paper long abstract:

Fourty percent India's population is comprised of young persons between 15-24 years of age as per WHO. There number in 2001 was 230 million. The importance of youth in socio-economic development of society is universally recognized. Unfortunately, they are becoming vulnerable to alcoholism, smoking, drug-addiction, crimes, most particularly sexual crimes, psycho-sexual adjustment, dowry, coping with pressures and adjustment in the family and community etc. they are the most exploited and confused section of the society. It has two objectives: one, to understand the situations: family, parents, schools and institutions of higher learning, community etc., in which youth experiences much of its turmoil and problems; second, to empirically explore perception of the youth about multifarious problems, they face while trading through this stage of life and entering into the world of work and progressing toward becoming a responsible citizen. Findings based on interviews of 450 students of Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla and group discussions revealed that value conflict, performance pressure both from parents and educational institutions, career conflict, unemployment and unhealthy political atmosphere contribute to health problems. There is need for more in-depth research studies for holistic view. Some suggestions which may help young to solve their problems are put forward.

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Child and youth development: problems, perspective and dimensions in the 21st century