Accepted paper:

Tribal health tradition and non-destructive sustainable harvesting of herbal medicines: an anthropological study in sustainable development in the Baigas and Bhariyas of Madhya Pradesh, India


Sushil Upadhyay (Freelancing)
Debashis Debnath (Indian Institute of Forest Management)

Paper short abstract:

The paper will focus on status of tribal health and problems of the Gonds, Baigas and Bharias of Madhya Prdesh in India with their ethno-medicinal practices

Paper long abstract:

The health of indigenous or tribal people is the perceptions and conceptions in their own cultural system with less awareness of the modern health care and health sources. They identify the causes as natural made actions of some planets and believe in the doctrine of supernatural or evil spirits, or human agencies. They have the various procedures of treatment viz. folk treatment, religious or preventive procedure, magical or curative procedures and modern medical system. Tribal health treatment was developed through prolong time period out of the rich cultural heritage based on the Indigenous Knowledge system of the local communities. Due to large scale degradation of natural resources and unhygienic condition of their habitation the tribal communities are suffering from a large number of the communicable and parasitic diseases. Hence, the utility of the herbal medicinal species in curing the diseases and maintaining their sound health conditions is well known. Few species are considered to be endangered due to Injudicious and unscientific method of collecting the medicinal plant is reason of destruction. In Patalkot area it has been observed that the people destroy the plants by chipping of bark around. The climatic factor is another factor responsible for destruction of plant species. The objective of the paper is to status of tribal health and problems of that among the Gonds & Baigas of Dindori district and Bharias of Patalkot ( Chhindwara District), two primitive tribal groups in Madhya Pradesh with their Ethno-medicinal practices.

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Forest degradation and human health: opportunities and challenges of traditional wisdom and knowledge (IUAES Commission on Human Rights)