Accepted paper:

Dalit Identity and its Economic, Cultural and Political Contexts


Srinivas Gurram (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper focuses on changing contexts and articulations of Dalit identity historically.

Paper long abstract:

Dalit identity is an outcome of various socio-cultural, economic and political developments. Articulations of Dalit identity both segmentary as well as wholistic have emerged in a political identity of Dalits today. A historical accounting of its varied usages reveals the political foregrounding that dominated the economic and cultural contexts of marginality. The contemporary understanding of Dalit identity is essentially a political present with an equal emphasis on cultural and economic pasts and futures. Thus an analysis of Dalit identity requires focusing on Dalits as a cultural 'community', an economic 'class' and political 'formation'.

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Caste, community and class identities of Dalits in a global context