Accepted paper:

An Anthropological Outlook on the Emerging Trend of Naga Ethnic Nationality; A Composite Indigenous Ethnic Group of Northeast India


Soibam Jibonkumar (Manipur University)

Paper short abstract:

In the emerging world of nations with its growing multiplicity of diverse ethnic identity crises and varieties of conflict resolving strategies, a thought is provoked to relook on the Naga people’s struggle in the process of becoming a Nation in the third millennium. The main focus of the study is on the origin of Naga history, culture, socio-economic, and political vision with tribal religion as the common denominator. Hence this paper is presented as a contemplative approach.

Paper long abstract:

The Issues effecting the survival of the Naga people are perceived and analyzed as: (1) Impact of Naga National struggle against Indian occupational forces. (2) Shortcomings of resource generation and management due to lack of skill and technology (3) Violation and Exploitation of land and human rights.(4) Threats of contra-acculturation of Naga Indigenous people (5) lost of traditional value and work-culture, affecting the economy and peoples' life. The Age-old Naga traditional practices like; a rare sacred fire making, traditional practice of inducing rain by pulling-Earth-made-drum, cultural festivals, system of Naga governance, customary laws etc, are of immense historical importance in the making of Naga as a nation. The Nagas' struggle for their right to self determination suffers immense difficulties and lost under protective policy of Indian administration. It is observed that, Naga publics are conditioned as providers of sustenance as well as victims of the armed groups. The public economy and peace is affected and disturbed by undergrounds (UGs) excessive activities. They are desperately tussling among themselves for factional supremacy causing unrest tension in the society. It seems that, Nagas' rights as a people are greatly manipulated, exploited and endangered. Therefore a strategic approach to resolve the confronting issues be formulated and addressed. Restoring the lost culture and rights a pressing necessity. Subsequently, the crises have greatly awakened the people of their rights and identities. The facts are viewed as a serious threat to global balance and peace.

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Tribal situation in India's North-east: emerging issues and ongoing anthropological attention