Accepted paper:

An empirical study on ragpickers (children and women) in Delhi, India


Richa Chowdhary (University of Delhi)

Paper short abstract:

Informal sector of urban rural economics of developing countries is an important source of employment for a major chunk of labour force perticularly CHILD AND WOMEN.

Paper long abstract:

This study will show the focus of child and women rag pickers,health aspect, expenditure patterns of heard earn money,of Delhi INDIA.The finding shows that majority of rag pickers are suffering from ill health and are having bad habits like- tobacco-chewing and consumption of alcohol with taking drugs or abusing drugs.Nearly all the rag pickers are earning more then 1500/-per month but their entire major expenditure is on unproductive and useless items.

Because of illiteracy ,poverty,indebtedness of their family are the main cause for the poor children and women opting for rag picking activity ,which has become one of the important social problems.

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Child and youth development: problems, perspective and dimensions in the 21st century