Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Conservation of bio-diversities and tradition in Sacred Groves: A study in the tribal Villages in West Bengal India  


Debashis Debnath (Indian Institute of Forest Management)

Paper short abstract:

Sacred groves are the abodes of deities of indigenous peoples in India reflect the conservation of bio diversities and renew cultural identities.

Paper long abstract:

Sacred groves are the patches of forests or trees , which are the abodes of deities or spirits reflect the religious affiliation as the deities are either worshiped . The ethnic identity is viewed also. As an institution it also interprets preservation and conservation of plants, herbs, climbers existing in the place. There are good number of medicinal plants are available in the sacred groves , which depict the ethno-medicinal traditions. The present sacred grove though small in size , in essence represents the concept the traditional way in-situ conservation of plants and forests. This also provides social space wherein tribal renew the cultural identities and find social solidarity.

Attempt has been in this paper studying sacred groves in the tribal Villages of West Bengal of India studying festivals, festivities and rituals for showing conservation of bio-diversities and tradition.

Panel BH04
Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development (IUAES Commission on Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development)