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Child and youth development - a psychological or sociological concept


Chaitali Choudhury (B.K.Girls' College, India)

Paper short abstract:

Child and youth development in the technologically advanced society is a combination of both psychological and sociological concepts and it is becoming very significant in view of the diverse problems of modern luxurious life-style along with the advanced social ideas.

Paper long abstract:

Child and youth development - a psychological or sociological concept The social existence of human beings continues down the generations through their offsprings. Consequently, the rearing and development of children is the question which proves to be of significance in the present context. The different aspects of child development are summarized below- 1. Parental factor contributing to the happy future life to be enjoyed by the children. 2. Subsequent emotional development and relationship with the parents 3. Cognitive development and consequent language development. 4. Social behaviour of children in the face of the technologically advanced social environment along with its pros and cons. 5. The healths of the children are also of vital importance. Taking into consideration all the aspects of child development we need to concentrate on certain outcomes which might help in the all round development of the children as matured young individuals. First, the family and parental characteristics are very strongly related to child care and development. Second, the amount of time devoted matters too. Thirdly, care should be taken to vary the type of child care setting for different ages and the consequent varying impacts are to be noted, more so, when the influence of certain factors in the technologically advanced 21st society are not congenial to child development and consequent youth development. Therefore, nurturing a child from birth to the stage of an independent young individual is a process wherein both psychological as well as sociological factors are active in the true sense of the term.

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Child and youth development: problems, perspective and dimensions in the 21st century