Accepted paper:

Obtaining new knowledge about the business environment: methodological aspects


Sergey Rychkov (Kazan Innovative University)

Paper short abstract:

The report examines methodical aspects of competitiveness of territory researching ( in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia). Particular attention is drawn to SWOT-analysis as a tool for studying the environment of business . (With financial support of RFH, project № 12-01-00018)

Paper long abstract:

The concept of competitiveness of the territory is becoming more popular nowadays in Russia. Today any program performance of the Russian federal, regional (The Republic of Tatarstan) and municipal (Kazan city) leaders does not do without purposes on increase of this theme. Separate tools of the analysis of competitiveness are developed within the limits of traditional marketing. In given clause we shall briefly characterize specificity of SWOT-analysis. It is very important to choose a narrow substantive scope of the SWOT-analysis, to further correct compilation of a list of indicators and the definition of competitors in order to further comparisons. Specificity of the SWOT-analysis at studying competitiveness of the city and region in touristic scope is most brightly shown at a stage of definition of the list of parameters. In particular, we divide factors of the internal environment into groups: natural factors; factors of a standard of living; factors of management; factors of an infrastructure; factors of appeal; factors of an infrastructure of marketing of territory. Thus, the developed tools of the analysis of competitiveness of territories (local, regional and, perhaps, national level), representing the tourism infrastructure at their corresponding adaptation, find the deserved place during strategic management of territory. The report is prepared with financial support of Russian Foundation for Humanities, project № 12-01-00018 "Ethno-cultural models of consumer practices: the case of the Republic of Tatarstan".

panel PE18
Anthropology of knowledge business (IUAES Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)