Accepted paper:

The political awareness among 'Gond' tribe in India


Dr Bhawna (L.b.s P.g College,mugalsarai.)

Paper short abstract:

The aim of the present paper is to study the political awareness among the Gonds of Mandla, M.P. For this purpose I have selected Narayanganj and Bizadandi Vikas Khand. Through random sampling I have taken 50 respondents from Narayanganj and 50 from Bizadandi.

Paper long abstract:

Objectives of the study: 1. To determine the level of Political awareness and its dimensions - Political Interest, Political participation, Political responsibility, Political efficacy among Gonds. 2. To determine the influence of personal, social and economic factors of Political awareness among Gonds. 3. To determine the influence of NGOs on Political awareness among Gonds. Interview schedule is used for this study as the respondents are not much educated. The Analysis of data shows interesting results. Gonds in this area are not participating actively due to lack of initiative. Their leaders are working in their own self interest. The impact of education and income affects political awareness positively. NGOs are working for education and cultural upliftment. They do not concentrate creating political awareness among Gond tribe because they get government grants for these schemes. Jagruk Matdata Sangh is working in this direction. Younger generation is taking interest due to their education. On the whole we can say that political parties have neglected their task of politically educating and mobilizing the Gond tribe. Beside reservation they do not come as contestants in adequate numbers. There is a strong need to build self confidence and to develop a strong sense of equality with others.

panel PE40
Tribal communities of India: problems, prospects & role of NGOs in their development