Accepted paper:

Globalization and Health Status of People: Evidence from Sikkim Himalaya


Shailendra Mishra (University of Pune)

Paper short abstract:

The present study evaluates health status of Sikkimese adolescents and adults in context of changing lifestyle in the era of globalization. Various new health challenges are emerging which need uegent attention both from society and health policy planners.

Paper long abstract:

The phenomenon of globalization induced fast infrastructural development, speedy cultural transformation and promotion of tourism in Sikkim brought rapid lifestyle changes in last few decades. Like many other States of the India, non-communicable and chronic diseases are emerging as major health challenges in Sikkim, in present time. Except, multi-objective National Family Health Surveys, study investigating health status of people in Sikkim are scares. The present study evaluates the health status of certain population groups of Sikkim, a small Indian State, in context of lifestyle changes under the influence of growing modernization. The results are based on the health survey conducted among various parts of the state using pretested questionnaires, anthropometric measurements and analysis of the collected blood samples. It is found that the cardiovascular problems are growing across all age groups including adolescents, even those living in rural areas. The major correlates of these problems have been obesity, physical inactivity and socioeconomic status. Other health issues were found to include rising dietary and weight concerns, reproductive morbidities and general infection loads among adolescents. A concerted effort is needed by family, schools, and media along with existing health care institutions to promote lifestyle modifications among people to reduce mounting risk of chronic health problems and related risk factors. Adolescents need special attention from health policy planners, as this age group provide a window of opportunity for lifestyle modifications, however they had never remained the major focus in past.

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Health and nutrition: changes in lifestyle in the era of globalization