Accepted paper:

Post-synchronization and Re-contextualisation - Results of an Image Repatriation Project with Old Ethnographic Films from Kiribati


Rolf Husmann (University of Göttingen)

Paper short abstract:

This paper summarizes some of the results of a project of image repatriation, in which short ethnographic dance documentaries shot in 1964 in the Gilbert Islands (nowadays: Kiribati, Micronesia) were post-synchronized and others were re-contextualised by combining them with recent material on local handicrafts.

Paper long abstract:

In 1964, the German ethnographer Gerd Koch spent almost one year in the Gilbert Islands, now the Micronesian state of Kiribati. Apart from other methods of data-collection, Koch also made some 70 short ethnographic 16mm-films, published by IWF Goettingen, Germany. They were never returned to Kiribati, until in 2010 and 2011 Wolfgang Kempf and Rolf Husmann repatriated digital copies of the silent films. Part of their project was also to attempt to post-synchronize some the silent films showing dance performances with the help of archived audio-recordings and to re-contextualize some films about handicrafts by combining them with recently shot material by local filmmakers. This paper summarizes some of the results of this project and offers audio-visual examples of that work.

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Visual encounters: audiovisual approaches to anthropological knowledge