Accepted paper:

The impact of maternal nutritional status on infant weight among the Paite tribe of Manipur, India.


Evelyn Ngaithianven (Panjab University)

Paper short abstract:

The Paites are a tribal community who inhabits Churachandpur district of Manipur, India and they follow Christianity. The present objective of this study is to examine the influence of maternal nutritional status on the infant weight for a period of one year.

Paper long abstract:

Despite of being an agriculturalist society, maternal nutritional status among the Paite have undergone certain changes due to globalization, which directly or indirectly have a significant impact on the health and nutritional status of the infants. The present longitudinal study examines the association of maternal nutritional status with infant weight. It was conducted on 219 mothers and their term new born babies in different hospitals and maternity centres in Churachandpur. The maternal anthropometric measurements (weight, height, mid upper arm circumference) and new born weight upto 12 months were recorded. The average birth weight of new born babies in the present study group was 3.1959kg, with male birth weight as 3.2482 kg and female as 3.1390 kg respectively. The study would be basically focusing on the influence of maternal nutritional status on the infant weight from birth to 12 months with the role of globalization into play.

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Health and nutrition: changes in lifestyle in the era of globalization