Accepted paper:

The influence of physical activity on human physique among Ao Naga children of Nagaland, North-East India


Temsumongla Longkumer (North-Eastern Hill University)

Paper short abstract:

Physical activity influences changes in human physique and their measurement has become a key component of disease prevention especially in this globalised era where diminishing habitual exercise and a sedentary style of leisure time activity are important characteristics.

Paper long abstract:

The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of physical activity on human physique via somatotype components among 8 to 15 years old Ao Naga girls from Mokokchung town. The Ao Nagas are a major tribe found in the North-Eastern part of Nagaland, mostly in central Mokokchung District. A cross sectional data on 282 girls were collected where each subject was somatotyped employing Heath and Carter anthropometric protocol. A structured schedule was used to access the different physical activity levels. After finding out the descriptive statistics, the comparison of somatotype components within the physical activity level was tested by t-test. The result showed a significant difference in somatotype components due to physical activity level among both pre-pubertal and pubertal girls. Succintly, the occurrence of active girls decreased and the inactive ones increased with the advancement of age, and the active ones had lesser body fat as compared to the inactive ones. This present study showed that the body physique of Ao Naga girls was greatly influenced by different physical activity levels. Therefore in this globalised world with the ever changing life style, with a more sedentary living, it is important to keep in mind the influence of physical activity on human physique for a healthy life style.

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Health and nutrition: changes in lifestyle in the era of globalization