Accepted paper:

Migration and Socio-economic conditions of Tribal Women


Anita Surroch (Government College Baijnath (HP))
Sujit Surroch (Government Post Graduate College Palampur, H.P., India)

Paper short abstract:

This study unearths socio-economic conditions of the tribal women inhabiting mountainous region of Western Himalayas in India whose at least one family member has out-migrated.

Paper long abstract:

This study was conducted in tribal district of Kinnour in state of Himachal Pradesh in India which is nestled in the Western Himalayas. Several tribal groupings inhabit this region- known for hostile geo-climatic conditions, located at an altitude above 10000 feet and borders China. Main objective of the study was to understand socio-economic conditions of tribal women and to know about their domestic chores, social engagements and other activities being carried on to earn their livelihood. Using interview schedule and Focused Group Discussions information was collected from 225 women inhabiting Sangla valley of the district whose at least one of the family members had out migrated,. It discerned that overwhelming majority of families is polyandrous, women pursue agricultural and household activities whereas men perform outdoor activities. Though having crossed forty, significant number of subjects is unmarried but command love and respect in the family, kinship, village and community. Up to hundred percent of the seats are being occupied by women in Panchayati Raj Institutions. Majority of the respondents has awareness of most of government schemes and welfare programs meant for upliftment of woman. However, huge gap is discernible in the awareness of informants and being benefitted from welfare oriented programs. It calls for necessary steps by government to evolve mechanisms to ensure their proper implementation. Measures also need to be taken to provide healthcare and to look after welfare of particularly such women whose spouses or sons have out-migrated.

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Development, socio-cultural and political change in South Asia