Accepted paper:

Globalization of football in Kolkata : process, reach, and response - an ethnographic approach


Abhijit Das (West Bengal State University)

Paper short abstract:

Football, a culture- complex, presently has become a popular culture in Kolkata under globalization. The variegated primary and secondary involvements in it, can be observed its ubiquity in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres of the mainstream society. The corporate sponsorships and media take the game in global networks.

Paper long abstract:

Globalization is a current phase of worldwide impact of industrialization and its socio-economic, political, and cultural consequences on the world over. Footbal ( Soccer), being a culture-trait complex, presently, creating frenzied popularity in Kolkata, the global city of West Bengal. Football, once has been introduced in the Bengali core by culture contact has gradually become one of the significant events of popular culture. Bearing an age-old social history, it merits attention, interests and involvement like participants of diverse ethnic backgrounds, regions, social status and strata, professions, political parties, and genders. The involvements and popularity depend on expansive network of mass media across the globe. Corporate honchos companies of good repute looking at clubs with greater interests to make their business strong. Money is spent in tournaments, telecast, tours, players'salary, training and so on. Present study explores the reflection of globalization in its technological, technical, social, economic, political, and cultural milieu.

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The anthropology of sport in a changing world