Accepted paper:

Conflicts and Possible Alliances Between Farmers and Normadic Herders


Remi Adeyemo (Obafemi Awolowo University)

Paper short abstract:

Co-existence between farmers and herders in the same area is often thought to be a source of potential conflicts so far as access to land and use of available resources are concerned.The symbiotic relatioship between nomads and crop farmers had broken down as a result of conflict. Such conflict has caused a lot of losses in local communities and families.

Paper long abstract:

The pastoralist nomads described by a migratory life style form an important segment of the West African rural population whose integration into the main stream of society could be mutually beneficial. Nomadism is a well established way of life followed by the pastoralists who roam the country and region in search of pasture, water and escape from disease build up associated with sedentary herds.The north-south movement is usually in response to eco-system factors and climate change over which he has very little control.The nomads do not migrate through unoccupied land all the time. He is consequently faced with several problems from sedentary farmers and others whose land, crops and goods are destroyed by cattle as they grace along the migration routes. Conflicts between farmers and nomads have been a common feature of economic livelihood in West africa.It has been reported that there have been a massive increase of the incidence of farmers-herders conflict which is widespread in Nigeria in recent time.Therefore, it has become necessary now than ever before to investigate the key issues(economic and social factors)contributing to migratory propensities including causes and effect of conflict. Such an understanding will allow this research paper to come up with strategies for the resolution of conflicts and make appropriate recommendations for integration and development of the nomads and into the national economy.

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The emerging world of pastoralists and nomads (IUAES Commission on Nomadic Peoples)