Accepted paper:

Political participation of Lamani tribal women: a case study of Kudaligi Lamani in Bellary District of Karnataka state


L Ramaswamy (Govt High school Bammangatta)

Paper short abstract:

The success of Democracy depends on the decentralization of political power to the village communities. The study of political participation of Lamani tribal women gives us important clue to the understanding of the nature, function and organization of Lamanis.

Paper long abstract:

The present research paper deals with the political participation of Lamani tribal women in Kudaligi Taluk Lamanis of Bellary District in the Karnataka state. Kudaligi Taluk Lamanis is about 40 kilometres away from Bellary District; it is situated beside the Bellary and Bangalore highway and is having adequate transportation facilities. Lamanis live in settlements called tandas a little away from towns or villages. In the past, the Lamanis were nomadic. They moved in groups with their belongings and cattle. Perhaps tanda is a Dravidian word, which means a group.

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Development, socio-cultural and political change in South Asia