Accepted paper:

Impact of consumption of fast food on the health of children in the era of globalisation


Moumita Gupta (Haldia Government College)

Paper short abstract:

The primary objective of this paper is to examine the nutritional variety and its emerging impact on the health of children in the post liberalisation period.

Paper long abstract:

To eat diverse types of food commodities is recommended and internationally accepted as a way to maintain healthy diet.Dietary variety known as nutritional variety brings positive health outcomes.The era of Globalisation has presented great impacts on dietary diversity,either directly or indirectly.One of them is the presence & growing of fast food which alters the (prior common) traditional pattern of food consumption. In nutritional transition phase,population is more prone to adopt fast food as part of their life.The impact is much bigger and more pronounced in case of children.We would specifically study the health hazards of children in the era of Globalization.

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Health and nutrition: changes in lifestyle in the era of globalization