Accepted paper:

From holly water into pig sacrifice- A study case of a new form of reconciliation ritual between Catholic Church and Hubula in Palim valley, Papua


Yulia Sugandi (University of M√ľnster)

Paper short abstract:

The study case demonstrates the anthropological approach that contributes in gaining in depth understanding about indigenous paradigm to be presented in the conflict management.

Paper long abstract:

West Papua is widely known by its suffering from long period of gross human rights violation that covers military operation, land grabbing for the sake of extraction of natural resources and development, oppression against indigenous cultural identity, the entrance prohibition for international journalists, etc. In addition to peaceful efforts in national and international level, this paper elicits more emic perspectives of indigenous community in peace building processes. Based on personal data from ethnographic field research, this paper describes reconciliation between Hubula (the indigenous community) and the Catholic Church in Palim valley, highlands of Papua. Different kind of actors involved and methods applied in the conflict management which resulted in development programme, museum, imposed pacification until newly form of reconciliation ritual. The paper analyses the impact of each method in relation with the accommodation of local values, practices and actors in order to reach sustainable peace. Special attention is given to a study case about reconciliation between Hubula (the indigenous community) and the Catholic Church that took place in the beginning of year 2008. The paper explores further this community based peace initiative that is manifested into a new form of reconciliation ritual that combines Catholic and indigenous belief system. Such combination defines the authority and legitimacy of peace building effort in producing the desirable fertility. The paper argues the importance of accommodating indigenous values, practices and actors as well as deconstructing alien (modern) peace building paradigm.

panel SE18
The meaning(s) of local ownership in and for sustainable peace-building