Accepted Paper:

Forest and its inhabitants in life-support system of Siberian peasants at the beginning of the twentieth century  


Elena Fursova (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography )

Paper short abstract:

Wood has played an important role in the livelihood of the peasants of Siberia: the people here found the food, source of medicines and vitality. Here, sheltered from society and government. Not surprisingly, one of the days of the Holy Trinity was dedicated to the Forest ("Forest Day"), when there were restrictions on the use of forest treasures.

Paper long abstract:

The problem of interaction of the environment and living in the depths of her people, formed almost from the start of converting human activities, is multidimensional. Ethnological approach allows us to speak about the interaction with the environment is not a faceless person, not an abstract society, but specific historical forms of culture. The forest has played an important role as the livelihood of the peasants of Siberia: people here have found the food source of vitality in close connection with the dates of the calendar. Here, sheltered from society and state, for example, the Old Believers.

In ceremonies to strengthen the children's viability peasants of Baraba region dragged through the split of a birch their diseased firstborns, leaving old clothes. Everywhere birch branches wash in the bathhouse on the eve of the Trinity in the hope of getting a good stock of health. Birch, aspen and other trees in the forest were important in the rites of divination, medical practice; with respect to their system of prohibitions were.

Peasant calendar with its repetition of cycles of life, including those associated with recourse to the treasures of the forest, was connected with the circulation of the seasons, contributed to minimal anthropogenic pressures on the environment and the existence of friendly relations with nature.

Panel BH04
Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development (IUAES Commission on Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development)