Accepted Paper:

Migration of Indigenous people in search of prosperity - Case of Simdega, Jharkhand, India.  


Ashok Kumar Mishra (Simdega College, Ranchi University, India)

Paper short abstract:

The phenomenon of migration is inherent in the lives of all the animals as well as human beings. This is a technique of survival and finding a more suitable life condition.

Paper long abstract:

All the people of the world who acquire specialized specific talents, tend to migrate to a more suitable ground.

This paper attempt to examine and analyze the problem of human migration from social -ecological and -biological angle, identify the curses involved in the process and the remedies that may alleviate the pains of the indigenous people who are predominantly affected. It brings comfort and happiness and better traits in this struggle-some world, which is important for their survival and well-being.

A case study of migration of the indigenous people from Simdega district of Jharkhand reflects that migration significantly improves socioeconomic conditions of the people and shapes their biological life


Migration, however, when forced by some other agencies for their own benefits is 'Trafficking' which initiates a train of untold vagaries and miseries to the innocent and unsuspecting natives who are socioeconomically weak. A phenomenon of migration which may be asserted to be a mark of evolution for the developed people, becomes a curse for the vast number of indigenous population, who suffer psychologically and biologically [diseases & other health problems] and which is also a stigma for the modern civilized world.

Through a proper investigation of causes of the weaknesses of the victims, remedies may be effectively developed and the society may be saved from this man-made curse, fabricated by a nexus of greedy and insensitive people. With judicious effort 'healthy migration for the benefit of the society can be promoted with the help of Government agencies and NGOs.

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Human trafficking and female migration: the problem of an evolving humanity and emerging world