Accepted paper:

Lifestyle changes and its impact on the health and nutrition of adolescents


Bhaskar Ramya (University of Mysore)

Paper short abstract:

Of all the stages of human life,adolescence is considered as the most crucial,next only to foetal stage since numerous physiological, psychological and social changes occur.Nutrition is one of the most indispensable factors that are closely associated with the physical & mental health of adolescents

Paper long abstract:

In India, Life style changes are linked to urbanization, industrialization and westernization which have remarkable influences on health practices, dietary and behavior patterns and so on. The most important factors influencing the life style are the nutrition and environmental factors. Adolescents are more conscious on their physical appearances. They notably tend to eat poorly but also their diet is likely to consist of fast foods, high fat foods and very limited amounts of fruits and vegetables. In addition to poor food choices, they tend to be sedentary. In addition, eating practices increases risks for a number of immediate health problems such as anemia, under nutrition /obesity, and bone health in adolescent girls. The determinants of adequate nutrition are two factors of life style changes. First is the availability of food in terms of quantity and quality which is depended on the socio economic factors. The second is the individual's physiological status for optimum utilization which may be hampered by infections and metabolic disorders. Environmental factors such as family, media, peer group, school and community characteristics also contribute to adolescents' health and nutrition. Adolescent is also characterized by undesirable health habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs and behaviors concerning sexual tendencies. These are a public concern because of the immediate and long term sequel on physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health and developments.

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Health and nutrition: changes in lifestyle in the era of globalization