Accepted paper:

Trafficking of girls from Andhra Pradesh: a curse and crime


Mrigank Prakash Sharma (WIPRO)

Paper short abstract:

This paper focuses on the magnitude and dimensions of Migration and trafficking of women and children in India, for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. It highlights the illegal nature of migration and trafficking industry.

Paper long abstract:

Feminization of poverty in the rural hinterlands and the absence of social supports and security, lead to women and children being lured and seduced to take to 'jobs' in the entertainment sector, often seemingly on a voluntary basis. The phenomenon of human trafficking, especially women and children for the purpose of their sexual exploitation can only be tackled if there is an all round and coordinated effort on the part of the State, civil society organizations and citizens in general. The seriousness of the issue needs to be highlighted among all sections of civil society and the State. There has to a zero tolerance approach to the issue of trafficking and proactive measures need to be taken to rescue and rehabilitate trafficked victims. Trafficking has to be viewed as a curse and crime that enslaves vulnerable sections of society to a demeaning practice, which should have no place in a civilized society. Lastly, only when we create effective mechanisms to support those already into the flesh trade to come out of it, can we speak of prostitution as a choice that some women take to in order to earn a livelihood. Negative choice can never be passed off as a choice people make to fend for themselves.

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Human trafficking and female migration: the problem of an evolving humanity and emerging world