Accepted paper:

Trafficking of tribal girls in India: case studies from Jharkhand


Ganganath Jha (V B University, Hazaribagh)

Paper short abstract:

Trading in human labour especially those of minor girls is a global phenomenon. Every year about four million are procured, sold or trafficked.

Paper long abstract:

Majority of these girls are trafficked by middle man locally known as agent (DALAL), some are by their near relatives or even family members. Situation is alarming as there is no trace of where about of 10% of these girls. Poverty, unemployment and illiteracy are prime reasons for migration and trafficking of girls from Jharkhand. These girls and their parents become easy prey of agents who lure them with attractive packages and life style. These trafficked girls are subjected to worst kind of economic and physical exploitation at metros. It's strange that Jharkhand has no information or data bank for these trafficked girls. This paper deals with extent of trafficking through case studies from Khunti, Ranchi and Hazaribagh districts in Jharkhand due to poverty and unemployment.

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Human trafficking and female migration: the problem of an evolving humanity and emerging world