Accepted paper:

New chronologies for Ban Chiang and Non Nok Tha


Charles HIgham (University of Otago)
Katerina Douka (University of Oxford)

Paper short abstract:

Two new series of radiocarbon determinations on human bone collagen have required a complete revision of the chronology of Ban Chiang and Non Nok Tha

Paper long abstract:

The chronologies of Ban Chiang (excavation 1974-5) and Non Nok Tha (excavation 1966-8) have been controversial for over half a century. We have dated human bone collagen from both sites. These indicate initial Neolithic settlement in the mid second millennium BC and the transition into the Bronze Age in about 900-1000 BC. These results harmonise with other new results from human bone collagen obtained from the sites of Ban Na Di and Ban Lum Khao.

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Chronology building for prehistoric SE Asia