Accepted Paper:

Myanmar Bronze Age pottery assemblages from the Sagaing region  


Aude Favereau (Museum national d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)
Louis Champion (University College of London (UCL))
Oliver Pryce (CNRS)

Paper Short Abstract:

This paper aims first to characterise pottery traditions at Oakaie burial site, then to compare with Nyaung’gan Bronze Age cemetery pottery assemblage.

Paper long abstract:

The burial site of Oakaie is located few kilometers away from Nyaung'gan Bronze Age cemetery. Excavations conducted in Oakaie revealed two phases for inhumations. Based on a technological approach, this paper aims to characterize ceramics for each phase. Technological and stylistical comparisons between Oakaie and Nyaung'gan pottery assemblages can help defining the nature of relations between the two sites and refining Nyaung'gan chronology.

Panel P06
Myanmar: its past and its regional and inter-regional interactions