Accepted paper:

Exhibition and management strategies of the Prasat Krachap site as a part of historical environment of Koh Ker


Károly Belényesy (Hungarian Southeast Asian Research Institute)

Paper short abstract:

The future goal of the systematic archaeological and planned reconstruction works of Prasat Krachap site is to present the historical Khmer environment to the public as a tourist attraction of special character showing the interaction of the temple and the historical landscape.

Paper long abstract:

Koh Ker has a special historic character and image. The site, in fact, comprises several separated groups of archaeological features spread over a huge area. When surveying the Koh Ker site, one has to take into account that most of the sites include built elements which requires a special archaeological attitude, namely that in addition to the below-ground archaeological features, the research of standing ruins and buildings must also be carried out. It is even more important as the final aim of the development project should be the restoration and presentation of the monuments and the creation of a tourist attraction, similar to the heritage complex of the Angkor region. The archaeological excavation and the historical research of Koh Ker monuments constitute the first phase in this process. The question, however, inevitably arises, how after the investigations we could present the original atmosphere of the historical environment and the communication between the historical landscape and Prasat Krachap temple.

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Koh Ker, an early capital of the Khmer Empire—new results of archaeological, epigraphic and art historical research