Accepted paper:

Isan Epigraphy from 6th to 12th century: diversity and chronology


Daoruang Wittayarat (Chulalongkorn University)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper, epigraphic corpus from Isan (Northeastern Thailand) of 6th- 12th century will be classified upon linguistic, palaeographic and historical criteria.

Paper long abstract:

Although the most part of Isan (Northesatern Thailand) has been considered as an annex of ancient Khmer Empire, the epigraphic corpus from this region under the period studied testifies diversity of languages and paleographic features. In this paper, I will classify this corpus upon linguistic, palaeographic and historical criteria. I will also discuss the relations of Isan corpus with those from neighboring areas to suggest that this region which was at a crossroads.of different civilizations had elaborated a nagari-like script which is characteristic of Mon /Sanskrit inscriptions from this region in about 9th- -10th century

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Southeast Asian epigraphy: new discoveries and current research