Accepted Paper:

From hospital to cemetery: life and death beyond a religious foundation of Jayavarman VII  


Christophe Pottier (EFEO)
Armand Desbat (CNRS)

Paper Short Abstract:

Excavations at Prasat Ta Muong offer new interpretation for the demise of this hospital founded in 1181 AD, as well as evidence of its late occupation an change of cult.

Paper long abstract:

A pilot excavation campaign has been conducted at Prasat Ta Muong, the Western hospital of Angkor Thom, by the Angkor Medevial Hospital project directed by R. Chhem and C. Pottier in 2006. The foundation of that hospital by the King Jayavarman VII is precisely known: 1181, the same year that his coronation. But its abandonment remains unclear, in particular in its relation to the demise of Angkor Thom. The ceramic and artefacts excavated at Prasat Ta Muong were studied by A. Desbat. Confronted to the stratigraphic context and radiocarbon dating, they offer a unique opportunity to identify how a Jayavarman VII ceramic assemblage looks like. But it also suggest new interpretation for the demise of this royal foundation and its later reoccupation.

Panel P09
Archaeologies of religion: material approaches to the study of belief systems in Southeast Asia