Accepted paper:

It's BED time! Towards a new list of inscriptions from the Bagan period


Tilman Frasch

Paper short abstract:

The paper gives an overview of current research on early Myanmar epigraphy and the compilation of the "Bagan Epigraphic Digest" (BED).

Paper long abstract:

In 1921, Charles Duroiselle then Director of the Archaeological Survey of Burma, compiled a "List of Inscriptions Found in Burma", which summarised the epigraphic research conducted in colonial Burma since 1885. Since the publication of the List, hundreds of new inscriptions have come to light, and although editorial work on them has continued, no further stock-taking exercise has taken place. My current research aims to fill this gap and compile an updated, annotated list of inscriptions from early Myanmar. The "Bagan Epigraphic Digest" is designed as an open-access database providing information incl. references to available editions on all inscriptions from the Bagan period known so far, A new numbering system, which can be rolled out for other periods of Myanmar history as well, will identify every single inscription unequivocally. The presentation will give an overview of this digest and its current state of progress.

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Southeast Asian epigraphy: new discoveries and current research