Accepted Paper:

Imagining India: Croatian present knowledge spheres  


Marijana Janjić (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Lana Oresic (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

The paper will review the image of India as it exists in the public space (science, art, politics, media) from 1990 onward, after the downfall of Yugoslavia.

Paper long abstract:

The connections between people of Croatia and India go far back into the past, that's at least what indologists in Croatia claim. The question of public awareness of those connections is altogether a different one. For that reason, this paper will look into the structure of knowledge about India present in science (indological study in Croatia), politics (Croatia has loosened its political and economic ties with India unlike Serbia), media (what does average Croatia read or listens about India), culture and art (Croatians have developed a 'travelomania' after 1990 and India features in the travelogues often). With this in mind the paper will review following questions: how is the production of knowledge on India intertwined between those spheres? Does science influence public interest? Does economy and politics develop a new interest in the knowledge production? Whose needs are in those relations satisfied and whose are yet to be.

Panel P05
Imagining India in Central and Eastern Europe